Monday, July 28, 2008

Klaus Hempfling Dancing With Horses

A short clip from Klaus Hempfling's Body Language, Dancing With Horses DVD:


sally said...

Hi Klaus,
your work is truley amazing,and inspiring.I have been drawn to horses since i was young, they are my passion. I know dreams do come true, and one day I shall meet you. kindest regards, sally xXx

Anonymous said...

i so wish i'd read his books earlier! it would be 2 less kicks and a lot less trouble with my lovely-pain-in-the-ass colt! Now that we finally get along smooth, I stumble upon "what horses reveal" and find out a full description of how to deal with the "seargeant" horse type (wich is mine) and there in 4 pages is the sum of all I had to trample over to find out on my own. Bless this man! I hope his teaching reach as many horsepeople as possible! it'll save all a lot of trouble and lend them much more pleasure time to spend with their horses.