Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lyons Training 101

Links to Lyons Training 101 Articles:

An Easy Way to Look At Training

An Exercise For When You Can't Ride

Back Easily With Hip Shoulder Shoulder

Backing Up

Biting Horses

Cinchy Horses

Four Things You Need to Train Your Horse

Get Your Back Up

Give Your Horse A Want-To Attitude

Good Now Bad Later

Horse Riding Tips

Horses That Kick On The Trail

Horses That Kick On The Trail

Horses That Pull On the Bit and Head Tossers

Horses That Want To Bolt, Buck or Blow Up

How Do I Get My Horse's Attention?

How Far How Fast How Little

How Long Should I Ride?

How to Halter a Horse

How To Make Horse Training Affordable

How to Pick Up Your Reins Like a Pro

How to Teach a Horse to Pivot on Its Hindquarters

Hurry Up and Stop

Keys To Improvement

Make Your Horse Stop

Ready for Your Next Spook?

Reins: 5 Tips to Improve Your Use

Rider Checklists

Riding Exercise: Steer the Tail

Riding Mechanics and Bad Habits

Scared of My Horse

Simple Steps to Power Steering

Slowing Your Horse

Snaffle Bits vs Shank or Leverage Bits

Solve Every Horse Problem

Speed Up Your Slow Horse

Steering Your Horse

Stop Your Horse With Hip Shoulder Shoulder

Teach a Horse to Sidepass Toward You on the Ground

Teach Neck Reining and more with the Clockwork Exercise

Teaching Your Horse To Stand Still

The First Thing I Do

Thought vs Action

Three Step Stop Exercise

Train Your Horse To Travel Straight

What Not To Do When Your Horse Bucks Or Rears

Why Does My Horse Still Have This Problem

1 comment:

Deer Run Stables said...

I started out with the John Lyons method of training, which seemed to be good when it came to horse ground training, but I have made much better progress, especially with riding, using the Parelli Natural Horsemanship system.

It just seems to me like PNH explains more advanced maneuvers, such as haunches in and flying changes, in a clearer, more understandable way.